Working Papers

Is Uber a substitute or complement to public transit? (with Jonathan Hall and Joseph Price) (under review)

Small Farms, Large Transaction Costs: Incomplete Property Rights and Structural Change in Haiti (Job Market Paper)

Steer the Vote: Property Rights Reforms and Political Support


Smartphones and Child Injuries Journal of Public Economics (2017) DOI information: 10.1016/j.jpubeco.2017.10.008
Media coverage

Technological change, relative worker productivity, and firm-level substitution: Evidence from the NBA (with Grant Gannaway, Joe Price, and David Sims) Journal of Sports Economics October 2014; vol. 15, 5: pp. 478-496

What Matters in Movie Ratings? Cross-country Differences in which Content Influence Mature Movie Ratings. (with Joe Price and Doug Gentile) Journal of Children and Media, February 2014, Vol. 8 , Iss. 3, pp 240-252

Taxing the Opposition: Cactus League Attendance and the Efficiency of the ‘Cubs Tax,’ (with Michael Davis and Joe Price)  International Journal of Sport Finance, May 2013, Vol. 8, No. 2, pp 157-17

Ratings and Revenues: Evidence from Movie Ratings, (with Joe Price and Jared Shores) Contemporary Economic Policy, January 2013, Vol 31, Issue 1, pp 13-21