During the summer of 2015, I served as an adjunct professor at BYU teaching Statistics for Economists. The class prepared students for the tools used in econometrics, including joint and conditional distributions, common parametric distribution families, estimators and estimation methods, hypothesis tests, and simple regressions, as well as an introduction to matrix algebra. The material involved multivariate calculus and was intended for upper-level students.

Here is a sample of comments from my reviews.

“Professor Palsson might be the best professor that I have had. If not the best, he is certainly in the top three.”

“He was also effective at making what could be a very dry subject more interesting, by bringing real-world applications as well as humor into his classes.”

“Overall this class was a frustrating experience”

“He’s new still, and that comes across in the teaching, but I have rarely felt the level of genuine love and concern that I feel from Prof Palsson from other professors.”

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